Manufacturing and introducing new items of medical products and biologically active food additives into the market presuppose objective necessity of their obligatory registration.

At this stage manufacturers and their representatives often have complications caused by labor-intensiveness and specific character of this uneasy procedure.

It is for the purpose of simplifying the procedure of obtaining of all the necessary documents and solving the problems connected with the process of registration that the company "PharmaReg" has been founded.

High proficiency of the employees having a wide experience both in the sphere of pharmaceutics and management allows us to position our company as a reliable partner for cooperation in the field of passing all necessary registration stages.

To operate professionally and with maximum comfort for the client is our invariable credo.

The goal of our work is not only execution of necessary documents but also multifold coverage of any problems connected with it, complete and available consultation of the client and, certainly, timely informing him about the process of registration including automated software products. The quality of rendered services is thoroughly supervised by us at the highest possible level. Each stage is prepared with all carefulness and analysis of potentially possible complications.

Performance capabilities of our company are spread far beyond the procedure of registration. We take on ourselves all-round representation of the interests of the client in all registration services, saving him from the settlement of disputable or nonstandard situations.

The stable operation of our company throughout the period of its activity has become the base of our stainless commercial reputation.

Cooperation with "PharmaReg" Co Ltd will guarantee fruitful teamwork and will ensure your confidence in the professional approach to such important stage of activity, as registration. The quality of our services does not remain invariable - it is permanently perfected.

We will be glad to see you among our regular clients.


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