Company name was changed from PharmaReg to ChorichPharm starting from 01 March 2016. All bank details are same as previously, just company name was modified.

The company "PharmaReg" provides assistance to foreign and local companies in the issues related to the state registration of pharmaceutical products, pharmaceutical substances and food supplements in Russian Federation.

We offer our clients:

  • the complete service list for the registration of their pharmaceutical products from preparation of the dossier (in accordance with the requirements of legislation) to the registration certificate (marketing authorization) obtain, in accordance with legislation of Russian Federation and even more: preliminary and selective control of the registered pharmaceutical products, implementing changes to the registration certificate of the pharmaceutical products;
  • cooperation with the State Authorities in the field of registration of pharmaceutical products (NATIONAL CENTER OF EXPERTISE (FGU NTESMP), Roszdravnadzor, Scientific-research Institute of Nutrition, Rospotrebnadzor) and representation of their interests in these institutions;
  • preparation (localization) of the dossier for registration of the medicine in Russian Federation;
  • translation of the medical documentation.

Drug registration: changes are coming.

Owing to our collaboration, you will certainly benefit from the following opportunities:

Excellent quality of documentation (the competent preparation of the registration dossier and its scrupulous control before submission):

This will speed up the registration of your pharmaceutical product cause you'll get rid of the documentation returns from the State Authorities for the correction of mistakes.

The highly professional pharmaceutical products' registration unit:

Entrusting your products' registration procedure to our company staff you will have a unique possibility to start the registration procedures immediately without drawing away your time for your own staff search.

Little time needed for carrying-out the stages of the registration procedures:

We control and keep strictly the established terms of the every expertise procedure. This will let you plan the terms of your pharmaceutical product to be put up for sale and conduct the correct marketing studies, based on the real terms.

We have the account options at our web-site page (so called "the private office"):

Wherever in the world you will be, you will always have the opportunity to watch the every stage of your order fulfillment. Our specialists fix all such changes in your "private office". The "private office" option allows you to get the daily reports on our work.

Experts' consultations:

Our qualified professionals give help and consultations regarding specific particularities of each registration procedure stage.

The possibility of partial services:

If your organization has its own registration unit you can employ us to hold some certain specific stages of the registration procedure (for example, professional medical translation of the required documents for the registration dossier, notary translation of the required documents (Power of Attorney etc.); preparation (localization) of the dossier and its parts  for registration of the medicines in Russian Federation.